[LYRICS] You Look Well (좋아보여) - Verbal Jint


[Verse 1 (Verbal Jint)]

Come in front of the Kangnam boulevard, I’m in the car waiting at the stoplight

Through the window I see you, a careless greeting

I’d have greeted you with but ah, I remember we broke up

After staring blankly at one another for about 2 seconds


I turn my head away, calming my shocked heart

People passing by keep staring at me oddly

But you know, when you saw me then and there

You became a rock too, frozen and staying put


My heart which decided to put away my feelings is suddenly

Being swept away, confusing me and bothering me

The stoplight changed signals and now I have to go

I’ll be passing by, so goodbye to you. You have to be well



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